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“Do not underestimate your own ability, 

it wants to surprise you” 

Twizzlers Club Calendar

Twizzlers club calendar contains all of the key events for the next 12 months as we know as a club. As a competitive gymnastics & trampoline club, we compete in a number of local and national competitions. These are in our 3 core areas of gymnastics, trampoline and DMT. We currently host a number of our own internal and invitational competitions. The annual club display showcases the work of the gymnasts what they have been working on throughout the year. Please find below details of upcoming Twizzlers events including holiday-camps, external training as well as competitions for all of our gymnastics and trampolinists that we have entered. For all regional level & above events links are provided to the relevant sites where you can view the event documentation. You can also filter to see only relevant Trampoline & DMT, Gymnastics or Club Events.

The BG Calendar shows all events across the country.

Links to live scores will be provided here.