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What We Offer

Twizzlers offers a wide range of Trampoline & Gymnastics classes suitable for all ages and abilities. These range from Ages 4 all the way through to Adults. Our gymnastics & trampoline classes are fun and enjoyable, taught by our friendly, British Gymnastics qualified and DBS checked coaches. We also have assistant coaches & helpers who are still trampolinist and gymnasts themselves. These coaches are also working towards becoming British Gymnastics Coaches. 

We pride ourselves on ensuring all our classes both gymnastics and trampolining have a very good coach to gymnast ratio. We aim to have a maximum of 1 coach to 8 children for each session. This allows children to get as much coaching support as they need throughout their learning.


Class structure for gymnastics is a group warm up led by one of the coaches. After this they all work on basic gymnastics skills. After the warm up they are then split into groups based on ability. Everyone has a chance to work on individual artistic apparatus skills.  We offer Asymmetric Bars, Balance Beam, Vault & Floor. Groups rotate around so they get to work with different coaches. They get to practice their skills on each of the 4 pieces of artistic gymnastics equipment available.

Similar to gymnastics we ask all of our trampolinists to start off with a warm up. For both our recreational and non-squad this starts on the trampoline. All of the squads take part in a floor warm up before they perform a trampoline warm up. Our trampolining classes structure is based on frequent short turns on the trampoline. This ensures a range of skills are being worked on in each session. Each session/class also has mini targets for every person to work on achieving during the sessions. 

All of our coaches are trained to provide manual support for those learning the higher-level skills. In both Gymnastics, Trampoline & Double Mini-Trampoline classes we have our own progressive badge scheme. This is worked towards in classes, the levels are deigned for good solid progressions from the basics all the way up to the high difficulty skills. This enables the children to have an achievable target to work towards It also helps with the nature of progressive learning and ensures enjoyment of the learning process.



Trampoline is a competitive sport in which athletes perform acrobatics whilst bouncing on a trampoline. In competitions, these include simple jumps in the straight, pike or straddles position to more complex combinations of forward and/or backwards somersaults and twists to produce 2 seperate 10 bounce routines. Twizzlers offer both recreational and competitive classes and encourage everyone to take part in both our internal displays and competitions which are held throughout the year. 

Double Mini Trampoline

By invitation we now also offer the chance to try Double Mini Trampoline, sometimes referred to as the Double-Mini or DMT. This is another gymnastics discipline that falls under trampolining. Participants perform acrobatic skills on an apparatus much small than a regular competition trampoline by way of a run up, hurdle onto the double-mini, then perform 2 linked skills to end up landing upright on a landing zone. 


We are hoping to offer Tumbling starting after summer 2024. More details to follow….. 
Riddlesdown Collegiate, Purley, CR8 1EX
Waddon Leisure Centre, Croydon, CR0 4RG
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