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  “You don’t always get what you wish for, 

you get what you work for”

Twizzlers Fees & Membership

Twizzlers fees and membership are required after the initial trial period, and if you would like your child to continue you will need to pay for the remainder of the month for those classes. Should your child require to attend additional classes we will inform you of any additional costs required before commencing. The more hours you train the better it works out on a monthly basis. You can pay these directly to the club in a number of ways, using either Class4kids, Standing order or by Bank Transfer. You could also pay cash in a named envelope, please hand this directly to Mel. Bank details for Direct Debit or transfer can be provided directly to you.
Alongside the monthly fees Twizzlers also require 2 annual memberships. Please see below for more information on those. If you have any questions about Twizzlers fees & membership please speak to Mel or contact us directly.  

British Gymnastics & Trampoline Membership

Like all sports, gymnastics & trampoline has a governing body which in this instance is British Gymnastics. This requires all clubs and members taking part in the sport to be a member.

Depending on the competition level will depend on the membership required, ranging from Bronze to Gold. Recreational gymnastics & trampoline only require the bronze membership. BG Bronze is currently £22 per year. For our senior squad members and those competing at WAG Regional & trampoline inter-regional level 1 and above this Silver and is currently £60. Please speak to your coach to confirm which membership you require.

British Gymnastics membership is directly, this can only be done through their website. Membership runs from October – September every year and renewals are due by the end of October. Gymnasts who are not registered will not be able to train or take part in any classes or competitions.

If you are unsure about the level of membership or having any issues, please speak to your coach. At all levels membership goes towards personal insurance, safeguarding and promoting the sport at grass roots level. To see what BG membership fees go towards please follow this link to find out more.

 Twizzlers  Club Membership 

Twizzlers club membership is an annual payment in September, which is currently £16 per year. This covers affiliation with London Gymnastics, club insurance, maintenance & servicing of all our equipment and allows us to hold events such as the Twizzlers display and both internal & invitational club level competitions throughout the year.

Other Costs!

We are fortunate enough to be able to compete in both gymnastics and trampoline at all levels. These can be anything from a local competition to a National Event. Additional costs would firstly be, the competition entry fee, these are not included in the monthly fees. Entry fees  also vary depending on the level and number of events being entered for. 

Secondly the cost of the Twizzlers uniform for both gymnastics & trampoline. Leotard & Shorts are normally a requirement to take part in outside competitions as a minimum. Most of our squads also prefer to wear shoes and the male trampolinists white trousers (longs). If you have any questions around competition or additional costs or want to find out some of the locations we travel to please speak to Angie or Mel. 

Riddlesdown Collegiate, Purley, CR8 1EX
Waddon Leisure Centre, Croydon, CR0 4RG