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Twizzlers Gymnastics & Trampoline Club

 Where We Came From…

Twizzlers gymnastics & trampoline club first started at the Harris Academy Crystal Palace in April 2012 with only 10 members. Since then, we have expanded to run classes at both Riddlesdown Collegiate & Waddon Leisure Centre. These started small with recreational classes in both gymnastics and trampolining.

In 2015 Twizzlers gymnastics & trampoline started to become a competitive trampoline club. Alongside the recreational trampoline classes we created a squad trampoline class entering local, regional and national trampoline competitions. During 2022 we added an additional discipline to trampolining, the Double Mini-Trampoline. Our first members started competing at local, regional, and national events later that year. 

From the beginning we have always entered friendly, local gymnastics competitions as well as our own hosted events. 2024 the gymnastics squads started their competitive journey, entering regional level competitions in Womens Artistic Gymnastics. 

Where We Are Now…

Today we have built the club up to over 400 members across the two main venues providing, General Gymnastics, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG), Trampoline and Double-Mini Trampolining (DMT). All of these can either be for recreational classes or to take part in competitions, both of which you still learn the same skills. Afterschool classes are also provided for 2 local schools, Purley Oaks Primary and Kenley Primary, as well as offering Pre-School & Home-Educated classes at Waddon. 

Our coaches can provide support, training and final assessments for trampolining in both GCSE and A-Level PE. They also support participants working towards their Duke Of Edinburgh award, whether that be volunteering, new skill or just fitness. For more information about GCSE or A-Level assessments or for DofE please contact us directly.

Twizzlers runs internal competitions across the year as well as holding a club display. This allows parents and relatives to see progression in a not so formal environment all whilst having fun. It allows gymnasts to understand what competitions are like and is valuable experience for them. 

Alongside our recreational trampolining, Twizzlers boasts an ever growing of number gymnasts & trampolinists who have the skills, and more importantly the want to compete. We now have a number of squads in both gymnastics and trampoline. These are currently, Squad, Pre-Squad & Development, where competitors take part in the Inter-Regional competitions. Many of our members have, and are now frequently qualifying to be part of team London in the Inter-Regional National Finals.

As well Inter-Regionals we also compete in the Trampoline & DMT League. This is involves 3 qualifying events followed by a final for both Trampoline & DMT. Trampolinists compete against people from all UK at various venues across the country. This provides a competitive pathway that enables gymnasts to progress within the sport. 

2024 sees us for the first time expanding our competition levels after yet another highly successful year across the Regional Competitions. Twizzlers are proud to say, we have for the first time 2 of our trampoline squad competing for the English Championships in both Trampoline & DMT. We are hoping that we can increase that number in 2025!

What We Stand For…

Twizzlers gymnastics & trampoline club has always been, and will always be a safe space for any child who wants to be part of our club. Being part of Twizzlers is like having an extended family, and although we are expanding we never want to lose that feeling for the children. 

Creating a positive environment, we believe children learn best when they are having fun. Our aim is to always coach the child rather than just the sport. Everyone learns in different ways and at different speeds, we want to make sure we can help everyone get to where their dreams would like to take them. 

Whether that is just coming along and having fun learning new skills once a week, or whether that is becoming a club, regional, national or even world champion, we will try our very best to get them there.

“The Five S’s of sports training are : Stamina, Speed, Strenth, Skill and Spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit”

Riddlesdown Collegiate, Purley, CR8 1EX
Waddon Leisure Centre, Croydon, CR0 4RG
07903 767122