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 Gymnastics Squad

Following their invite in to one of the squad classes, the gymnasts will work towards the various competition skills as required and progressive elements that start to build the skills needed in the future.
Our younger gymnasts compete in local friendly club competitions. This is usually on all 4 pieces of equipment; Floor, Beam, Bar and Vault. But can be a mixture of 2 pieces.
This is where is all starts; they learn how to build a floor and beam routine to their strengths, and they learn about the required dance, chorography and artistry elements within the routine.
The vault aspect starts them working on a focussed run up – enabling the power to push onto the springboard to aid a great vault. The bars are strength based basic holds and shapes.
The skills requirements are dependent on age and grade – which the coaches will select for each gymnast based on the knowledge and years of experience.
The higher-level competitions always have the 4 pieces of apparatus at regional level, going against gymnasts from all over London.
We ensure that all gymnasts are working on a range of skills on each piece of apparatus, this gives them variety and confidence to use some skills on various pieces of apparatus, a lot of skills can be transferred with ease once consistency and confidence has been attained.
The learning and progressing towards new skills are done with the specific gymnast in mind, there are so many skills and progressions to choose from our coaches spend the time to learn each gymnast – this helps them to pick the right one to aid the achievement and enjoyment for them all