Twizzlers New Website

Twizzlers new website is finally ready!!!! Over the last few months we have been working hard in the background find ways of improving Twizzlers as a Club. The first of those is introducing Twizzlers new website.  We have been able to improve the look of the site and create a platform that includes new features to make both the club and parents as informed as possible to what is going on across the year.

The new site will have information about our coaches so those new and old will be able to put names to faces and be able to easily recognise when dropping gymnasts off

It will also provide information about  squads for all our disciplines across Gymnastics, Trampoline & the Double-Mini Trampoline (DMT) in both who they are and what they are currently working towards and what Twizzlers are achieving.

Links to events handbooks will also be provided so parents can go in and read the general information about specific events, which in turn will help  understand more about how competitions run on the day and some of the finer details about the sport. 

A calendar providing dates of all competitions we have entered or at least know we are going to enter, as well as Twizzlers Holiday Camps & internal events has also been created. The calendar can filter between types of events such as Gymnastics, Trampoline & DMT as well as Twizzlers internal events so you can quickly try and find the relevant information for yourself. Please click on Calendar to see more

Also included in the calendar will be information about who the event is for, location of the event and once published the timings for the day. We hope this will make it easier for parents to be able to check availability so Twizzlers can ensure we can enter as many gymnasts as possible.

Links to live scoring will also be provided where available so that parents can quickly find the information for their own gymnast.

A “News” page is also being created so we can report on events such as the upcoming weekend in Cardiff for the Trampoline League, English Qualifiers & Inter-Regional Finals

More features and pages will be introduced across the next few months.

If there is anything that you would like to see or any feedback about the site please drop us an e-mail at